Day One

Day One were originally signed to Massive Attack’s label Melankolic and released their debut LP ‘Ordinary Man’ in 2000 to international acclaim, which was then followed by ‘Probably Art’ in 2007.

Day One consists of vocalist and lyricist Phelim Byrne, and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Hardwidge. The duo began collaborating in the mid ‘90s blending the storytelling traditions of folk and hip hop along with a slew of musical influences. They found the perfect collaborator in Mario Caldato Jr (Beastie Boys, Beck) to work with on their projects and he has since co-produced all their output to date. Day One’s diversity is reflected in the various movie/TV soundtracks in which their music has been featured, including dark teenage epic Cruel Intentions, Easy A, Channel 4’s Skins and Emmy award winning US series Six Feet Under

How ‘Intellectual Property’ was created by Matthew Hardwidge

“Phelim and I started the writing process for this, our third record, back in 2007. It begins, as in most cases, when we work separately. I will create soundscapes and arrangements of musical ideas, shaping them into demos for Phelim to work with.

Phelim will compile lots of lyrics and stories, and once every couple of months we come together to demo two or three tracks and make them into cool sounding songs.

We continue this process until it feels like we have enough material to make an album. In this case we picked 12 songs from around 20 or so ideas.

With no label on board we really wanted this LP to be made exactly how we chose, in our own time, without interference or distraction. It had to be a real sonic journey encompassing elements of our first two records; but we wanted it to push the boundaries of our musicality as far as we could.

Next comes the process of producing and adding more instrumentation and performances, growing the bones of the songs into good quality full productions (still in their demo version collated and captured in my home studio). The process was very organic with our musician friends from all over the world freely collaborating, adding input and enjoying the process. Horns, flutes, vocal arrangements, bass, lead guitar were all added at this time.

The next stage saw us decamp to our co-producer Mario’s wonderful studio in Eagle Rock L.A for three weeks. He gets us - he really does! It makes it so quick, fun, easy and free when you find the right collaborators. He helps us sonically to shape the collection of songs into the end product - the finished album. Into the final production we added live drums, bass, Hammond organ, more horns, percussion, toy pianos, string arrangements and finally lead vocals where needed. Then there’s a while to reflect - it’s really important for us to have had some time away from the LP before the final mix tweaks. At that point everything becomes clearer and has more clarity.”

The Making of the Record by Mario Caldato Jr

Day One LP3 has been cooking for a long time, and it's finally ready for the world to dig it. I really love the way this record feels, it has a worldly vibe without borders. It has a beautiful mix of different sounds and cultures that tie us all together as one world through the music and voice of Matthew and Phelim.

The music is wonderfully crafted with a lot of cool ingredients - little snippets of different life styles all mixed together and nicely spiced. The vocals are very simple, sincere and conscious, they are delivered very naturally, a bit talked and a bit sung and very effective, without being forced.

We mixed lots of different elements, acoustically and electronically to create a special blend that Day One has always been known for. I really can say that I still feel super excited when I hear these tracks, they never sound dated but always fresh to me. I think Day One are very unique and timeless in that way, they are one of my favourite bands and I'm very proud to be part of their forever changing sound, cheers!”

Day One Discuss Their Relationship with B&W

“We are very proud to be working with Bowers & Wilkins on exclusively presenting our new LP to Society of Sound members; one of the main things that stood out for us was the care and love put into presenting high quality audio to an audience that expect to hear it!

In today’s climate music is so commercially driven and fast burn, it leaves a lot of us musicians feeling alienated by the “supermarket sales “ and throw away culture of today’s music business.

Why should music be devalued and given away as a free commodity? Why is music not thought of and cherished as art? Having worked with both major and independent record labels we were really conscious of who we wanted to work with and how we wanted to unveil our new album.

By presenting the work via this avenue we are all really excited that you the audience can hear what we made as you the listener should experience it.


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