History of Bowers & Wilkins

The second decade of the 21st Century saw Bowers & Wilkins updating signature technologies, as well as entering new markets. Diamond tweeter technology was updated, and included on even more loudspeakers, while the mobile music fan was addressed with Bowers & Wilkins' first headphones.

800 Series Diamond

2010: 800 Series Diamond

The sixth incarnation of Bowers & Wilkins flagship loudspeaker range was launched at the start of 2010. The big news was diamond tweeters featuring in every model in the range for the first time, but an exhaustive overhaul to all the audio-sensitive elements meant the 800 Series Diamond was the best sounding 800 Series so far.


2010: P5

Bowers & Wilkins debut pair of headphones was a true statement of intent. The luxurious, leather-clad P5 mobile hi-fi headphones allowed iPod® and iPhone® users to experience Bowers & Wilkins sound wherever they went for the first time.


2010: MM-1

Bowers & Wilkins also launched its first dedicated computer speaker. The MM-1 brought the music stored on customers’ computers to life thanks to USB streaming it its built-in high-quality DAC. It was incredibly well-received at launch, receiving glowing reviews from both the audiophile press and gadget and technology fans.

2012 Maserati

2012: Maserati

Bowers & Wilkins partnered with the legendary Italian sports car manufacturer to not only deliver great sound inside the luxurious cars, but also to make music from the sound of a Maserati engine with the innovative Seven Notes project.

2014 Sound System

2014: Sound System

Taking True Sound to more people than ever before, the Sound System debuted at Barcelona’s Primavera Sound festival before moving on to WOMAD and other shows. These giant speaker stacks delivered pristine audio to the live arena in a manner never before experienced.

2014 Volvo

2014: Volvo

Bowers & Wilkins audio systems in the latest Volvos were the first to feature Tweeter-on-Top technology for the dashboard mounted centre tweeter. This helps deliver clearer, more natural imaging for a fantastic listening experience for the driver and passengers.

2015 Zeppelin Wireless

2015: Zeppelin Wireless

The third generation Zeppelin was the best sounding so far. It lost its characteristic dock, but instead gained Bluetooth aptX™ and Spotify Connect to complement its predecessor’s AirPlay wireless streaming.

2015 BMW

2015: BMW

The Bowers & Wilkins audio systems in the all-new BMW 7 Series were the first in-car systems ever to benefit from the inclusion of Diamond Dome tweeters. Coupled with a raft of cutting-edge acoustic technologies these systems deliver pristine sound in an automotive environment.

2015 P5 Wireless

2015: P5 Wireless

Bowers & Wilkins first wireless headphone brought a new level of quality to the cable-free market. Pristine sound, luxurious design and build and high-quality Bluetooth aptX streaming.

2015 800 Series Diamond

2015: 800 Series Diamond

The 800 Series is the source of Bowers & Wilkins innovation. It is where new technologies appear for the first time, and where our engineers push at the very limits of the understanding of acoustics. The latest iteration of this ground-breaking high-end range, is the best yet, with the 800 D3 offering unrivalled performance.

2015 Continuum cone

2015: Continuum cone

First deployed in the 800 Series Diamond, these revolutionary midrange cones are the result of an eight-year research and development project that went through over 80 iterations. The Continuum cone delivers pristine midrange performance by effectively negating the break-up behaviour that can adversely affect this all-important part of the spectrum.

2016 50th Anniversary

2016: 50th Anniversary

In 1966 John Bowers wanted better speakers. Five decades later the company he founded is a global leader in sound. Bowers & Wilkins is incredibly proud to celebrate its 50th anniversary – and even more proud that the ethos, passion and drive of its founder is still a vital element in its continuing success.

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