History of Bowers & Wilkins

The first decade of a new century saw a great number of momentous events in the history of Bowers & Wilkins. Dramatic technological advances in subwoofer and tweeter technology, and the arrival of a whole new type of customer thanks to the rise of the iPod.

Signature 800

2001: Signature 800

The exclusive Signature 800 loudspeaker was created to celebrate Bowers & Wilkins’ 35th birthday. Building on the strengths of the existing Nautilus 800 Series, the Signature 800 also showed off the company's increased cabinet making skills with a beautiful ‘Tigers Eye’ gloss finish.


2004: PV1

Bowers & Wilkins’ curved cabinet creativity reached its zenith with its spherical ‘Pressure Vessel’ subwoofer, the PV1. Once again, the inspiration was the genius of nature; this time it was the bubble that provided design direction. In production ever since, the multi-award winning PV1 set new standards in bass performance.

Diamond Domes

2005: Diamond Domes

Diamonds aren’t just for the highlife: they’re for high notes too. It wasn’t easy for Bowers & Wilkins to improve any further on the performance of its aluminium tweeter domes, but trials with a dome of synthetic diamond unearthed a stunning discovery. Until mankind develops the hearing of bats, it’s the sweetest tweeter we’ll ever hear.

Signature Diamond

2006: Signature Diamond

Created to celebrate Bowers & Wilkins 40th Anniversary, the Signature Diamond is a mixture of the old and new. The old came in the form of a return to Bowers & Wilkins of designer Kenneth Grange for this special project. The new was in the form of the newly developed diamond dome tweeters adorning this limited edition range.


2007: Zeppelin

The iPod® has changed the way many people listen to music. The ability to carry around thousands of tracks certainly changed the music on the move market. But the iconic, multi-award winning Zeppelin™ allows people to get the best out of their digital music at home, without the need to turn on their computers.

Jaguar Car Audio

2007: Jaguar Car Audio

Dream sound for a dream car. That was the request for the Jaguar C-XF concept car. Hence the call from Jaguar to the engineers at Bowers & Wilkins, and the start of a relationship that has since resulted in ground-breaking audio systems in desirable cars such as the XK, XF and the XJ.

Society of Sound

2007: Society of Sound

The Society of Sound is a meeting place for people who are passionate about sound. It comprises Fellows such as Peter Gabriel, a blog-based community, and a high-quality download music service, proving that digital sound needn’t be poor quality sound. It is part of Bowers & Wilkins on-going commitment to the best quality audio, no matter what the format.

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