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BMW 7 Series


Designed exclusively for the all-new BMW 7 Series, the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System is the first of its kind: an audio system featuring advanced acoustic technologies never before seen in a commercial car, including Diamond Dome tweeters. From the outset, engineering teams from BMW and Bowers & Wilkins joined forces to create an audio system that works in harmony with the car’s luxurious interior architecture, with every speaker in its optimum position for acoustics. The singular goal was to produce an audio experience that feels as though you are there with the artist in the studio.

Fibonacci grilles

Subtly illuminated, stainless steel Fibonacci patterned grilles not only allow more sound to pass through, but also subtly complement the car interior.

Diamond Tweeters

Diamond is the ideal tweeter material, offering the perfect combination of lightness and rigidity to deliver crystal clear, lifelike treble for a truly revelatory audio experience.



Volvo has a passion for designing cars around the people that use them. This includes ensuring the best sound performance. That’s one of the reasons behind this successful partnership, with Bowers & Wilkins having unprecedented input into the vital speaker positions. This even went as far as Tweeter on Top technology, with the dashboard mounted centre high-frequency driver delivering incredibly natural, lifelike sound for an exemplary audio experience.

Speaker locations

We worked closely with Volvo engineers to ensure that each speaker has been positioned for optimum acoustics and the most immersive sound possible.

Tweeter on Top

A tweeter-on-top centre speaker minimises acoustic reflection from the windscreen, resulting in a sound that’s more detailed and true to life.



Maserati and Bowers & Wilkins: two different companies, with a shared passion for engineering excellence and technological innovation. We’ve joined forces with the legendary Italian sports car maker to develop new projects and products – including a stunning audio system for the latest range of Maserati road cars that uses many of the core acoustic technologies that Bowers & Wilkins has developed with 50 years audio experience. The result, great sound in fantastic cars.


From musical collaborations to circuit races, we’ve taken our partnership with Maserati on the road in a series of worldwide events. We have even developed several Maserati Edition products.

Acoustic materials

Kevlar and Rohacell have long been poweful tools in the Bowers & Wilkins acoustic armoury, and in a Maserati they work together seamlessly to deliver pristine mids and deep, solid bass.

Car Audio

The future

It’s impossible to predict what the future holds for car audio. But from where we’re sitting, it’s looking pretty exciting. It wasn’t too long ago when we were only dreaming about using Diamond Dome tweeters in a car audio system; with the BMW 7 Series this is now a reality. Working with car designers, our scientists and engineers are already exploring the next phase in the evolution of car audio. Behind the scenes, we’re looking at radical new enhancements to drive unit technology. And we’re investigating how to make sound in a car feel even more natural and true to life.

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