An entirely wireless hifi quality music system, powered by audiophile-grade Bowers & Wilkins technology and AirPlay. It's quite simply the best-sounding system in its class

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Hi-Fi sound performance
Hi-fi sound performance

A7 is optimised to create a speaker capable of handling the broadest range of frequencies, from the deepest bass upwards.

Model A7
Description Wireless Music System
Technical features Apple® AirPlay® technology
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
High Quality Class-D amplifier
Switch mode power supply
USB streaming from PC / Mac®
Remote control
Drive units 2x 25mm (1.0in) Nautilus™ tube aluminium tweeter
2x 75mm (3.0in) Midrange
1x 150mm (6.0in) Subwoofer
Frequency response 40Hz - 36kHz ±3dB on reference axis
Frequency range -6dB at 36Hz and 42kHz
Amplifier power output 2x 25W (tweeter)
2x 25W (midrange)
1x 50W (subwoofer)
Input voltage 100V - 240V ~ 50/60Hz
Rated power consumption 100 W
Standby power consumption <0.5W
Inputs Network (RJ45 Ethernet or Wi-Fi)
Auxiliary - analogue / optical digital (3.5mm mini jack)
Streaming, synchronization & firmware upgrades (USB 2.0)
Height 220mm
Width 360mm
Depth 160mm
Net weight 5.7kg
Enclosure Glass filed ABS
Grilles Black cloth
AirPlay compatibility iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with iOS 4.3.3 or later, Mac with OS X Mountain Lion, or Mac and PC with iTunes 10.2.2 or later.
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Reviews (1)


PC Mag - January 2015Read the full review

"The A7 seems to do its best work with pop music, be it hip hop, rock, singer-songwriter, or R&B—the rich-but-refined bass response makes electric bass parts and rock drum kits sound amazing. Audio performance at normal listening levels is excellent, the design is simple and classy, the set-up process is super-easy, and it can get louder than just about any AirPlay dock we've tested without distorting."


Men's Journal - December 2013Read the full review

"The Bowers & Wilkins A7 is a perfect combination of looks and power. The 12.5-pound, aluminum-and-black-cloth block lends a graceful touch to any room, and its four speakers, six-inch subwoofer, and internal DAC make even the tinniest MP3s sound polished and robust" - The Louder WiFi Speaker: Gear of the Year 2013"


Truly Gadgets - September 2013Read the full review

"A Big, Bold, Airplay System. It’s a great party unit - it offers more volume without distortion than anything else this size, and Airplay allows you to easily synchronize your music across a couple of rooms. With the A7, you can easily fill all but the largest rooms. The A7 is the biggest, boldest wireless speaker that we’ve heard."


Electronic House - March 2013Read the full review

"What may be most surprising about the A7 is how open and airy the top end is without sounding shrill and tinny. In my house I found the A7 to sound big and more than capable of filling a small or medium size room with good, clean sound without strain."


Mac Review - March 2013Read the full review

"Amazingly beautiful sound. A7 uses a pair of Nautilus tube aluminum tweeters, a pair of 3-inch midrange drivers, and a 6-inch Kevlar-reinforced subwoofer with 50W amplifier. All combined, this creates very rich sound, which is easily distinguishable from less expensive speakers."


HD Living - February 2013Read the full review

"The drums were impressively impactful, the bass deep and rich, and the overall soundscape was nuanced and detailed, but with power and authority. In the parlance of our times, it rocked. I found myself shocked by just how room-filling this little speaker is. Its sound output takes it out of the performance realm of most iPhone/iPod docks, and into the territory of larger sound consoles."


Macworld - February 2013Read the full review

"Acoustically, it’s just a terrific speaker, and the best sounding of all the AirPlay speakers I have yet reviewed."


Gizmodo.com - January 2013Read the full review

"This is the best looking AirPlay speaker I've ever seen. It's hard to add shiny metallic details to something without breaching tackiness, but the A7 does just that—starship chic. Best part - fantastically loud while remaining fantastically clear—this thing holds its ground against a large, multi-speaker setup."


Men's Journal - November 2013Read the full review

“The Bowers & Wilkins A7 is a perfect combination of looks and power.”


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