Cinema 7

By incorporating many of Bowers & Wilkins core acoustic technologies, Cinema 7 Series loudspeakers deliver exceptional sound for discreet installations.


Amazing audio, anywhere

Cinema 7 speakers offer very high performance thanks to the application of Bowers & Wilkins core acoustic technologies. But both speakers are designed, like all Bowers & Wilkins high-quality custom install speakers, to be discreet and installed just about anywhere. The range includes a directable ceiling speaker that allows the all-important high-frequencies to be directed at the listener and a versatile speaker ideal for mounting above or below screens for left, centre or right channels.


See nothing, hear it all

CCM Cinema 7 is designed for down-firing, in-ceiling installation. Drivers are angled towards listeners for crystal clear sound. CWM Cinema 7 is a panel of four drivers and tweeter mounted above, below or to the side of a screen as left, centre or right speakers for stunning quality and power.

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