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Previous Society of Sound albums are no longer available for download.

The Portico Quartet

The Portico Quartet: Black and White Sessions

January 2009

A post-jazz outfit, Portico Quartet are four young musicians from South London who sound like nothing you've ever heard before.

Justin & Juldeh

Justin & Juldeh: Afrobilly Sessions

February 2009

Juldeh Camara is an African Master Musician, Justin Adams is a rock and roll virtuoso. Their sound is that of a nation with no passport.


Spiro: Live In Box

March 2009

An extraordinarily stirring record full of scurrying landscapes that sweep majestically with a cinematic presence echoing Steve Reich and Michael Nyman.


Madam: Gone Before Morning

April 2009

A beguiling, seductive blend of triphop stealth, soundtrack atmospherics and smouldering sadness from London's Madam.

Charlie Winston

Charlie Winston: Passport

May 2009

Winston's debut is a hearty modern gumbo of blues-folk, straight-talking lyricism and soul and includes the anthemic single, Hobo.

Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever: In the Ley Lines

June 2009

Los Angeles indie-rockers debut is a sonic stew of kitsch surf-rock, spaghetti-Western cool, ska and Cambodian pop.

Speed Caravan

Speed Caravan: The Kiss of Electric Sands

July 2009

If you've never regarded the oud - a fretless lute - as a rock'n'roll instrument, you've clearly never heard the frenetic joyous playing of Speed Caravan.

David Rhodes

David Rhodes: Bittersweet

August 2009

In-demand session musician to Peter Gabriel, T-Bone Burnett and Talk Talk to mention a few, Bittersweet is Rhodes's debut.


Syriana: 10 Days in Baladal-sham

September 2009

Syriana merges Eastern and Western music, it's a project without any one dominant instrument. Fairuz meets Dick Dale!

Maggie Cole as Trio Goya

Maggie Cole as Trio Goya: Hayden The Heart of Invention

October 2009

World-renowned harpsichordist Maggie Cole formed Trio Goya specifically to play classical music on period instruments.

Creole Choir

Creole Choir: Undiscovered Voices of the Caribbean

November 2009

Listen to irresistible melodies driven by richly textured harmonies and shifting Caribbean rhythms from this glorious choir.


Morricone: The Best of 50 Years of Music

December 2008

50 Years in Music is a series of new orchestral recordings of one of the most illustrious careers in history of cinematic music.

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