Society of Sound

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    A meeting place

    The pursuit of true sound is a science, but it’s also about people and bringing us closer to the music we love. We have created a place where people can come to for ideas and inspiration. A society of sound.

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  • Toto

    Totó La Momposina y Sus Tambores

    Tambolero is the new album from Totó.
    She continues to reflect the experience of her native Colombia through her life and music. Available to download now from
    Society of Sound.

  • Gergiev


    Harold en Italie is Berlioz' colorful and unique take on the viola concerto, coupled with La mort de Cléopâtre.

Rough trade

Rough Trade

Recommended release from
Londons finest record store.

SoS Moog Ensemble

The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble

The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble presents Undercurrents - a collection classical music arrangements performed live by an electronic orchestra of classic hardware synthesizers.


Universal Togetherness Band

Dj and producer Sean Marquand recounts
the mixing process of Universal Togetherness Band's previously unreleased collection of timeless tunes.

Maria Callas

Maria Callas Remastered

The story behind the remastering process of the extraordinary Maria Callas recordings.

John Metcalfe

Composer and musician John Metcalfe chooses his favourite 'micro moments' in music that changed everything.

John Metcalfe
Janet cardiff sos

Sound art

Melanie Manchot on Janet Cardiff

How to record
an opera

Grammy award winning producer James Mallinson explains the intricacies of recording an opera live together with the LSO and the late, great Sir Colin Davis.

Recording an Opera
AM1 sos


Why our AM-1 all-weather speaker
sounds so good

Why rip your CDs

Ripping CDs

Why rip your CDs, and why rip them to lossless

Music in film

Best music moments

Time Out's Cath Clarke picks the best film music moments of 2014.

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