Society of Sound

  • Ofeliadorme-Secret-Flies

    Ofeliadorme ‘Secret Fires’

    Inspired by Rimbaud’s poem, Ophelie, Bologna-based trio Ofeliadorme live up to their name. Seductive, tender, immersive, and shrouded in a mystery befitting ancient prose, theirs is a crossroads between the serenity of Cocteau Twins, Portishead’s emotive darkness, and PJ Harvey’s shape shifting pop qualities. It’s ambient, New Wave, dreamy, stargazing electronica.

  • Verdi-Requiem

    Giuseppe Verdi 'Requiem'

    Recording a piece like the Verdi Requiem in the Barbican presents various technical challenges. Scored for very large forces, it pushes to the limit the number of people you can fit on the stage. It is a work with an enormous dynamic range. Maestro Noseda, with this performance, teases every decibel from barely audible to almost ear-shattering climax.

  • Overview Tom Hickson

    Tom Hickox ‘Monsters In The Deep’

    Following the release of his acclaimed 2014 album War, Peace and Diplomacy on Fierce Panda (The Daily Telegraph said “Tom Hickox is the most powerful and original lyrical songwriter this country has produced in years”) Hickox has released his sophomore album Monsters In The Deep.

  • Overview Tom ades

    Thomas Adès 'Asyla, Tevot, Polaris'

    Presented together for the first time here, Adès’s orchestral “trilogy” is given authoritative performances conducted by the composer, illustrating his development across just over a decade. Asyla announced Adès as a major new voice in 1997; building on its themes, Tevot followed in 2007; and the succinct, but vast, Polaris completed the set in 2010. Closing the disc is the captivating and dramatic miniature, Brahms.

  • Burberry

    Live for Burberry

    To celebrate Bowers & Wilkins and Burberry’s joint passion for unearthing new musical talent, we gave four unsigned acts the opportunity to record great music in the legendary RAK studios. It’s called Live for Burberry, and the amazing results are available to buy as high-resolution downloads.

  • Slowly Rolling Camera

    A meeting place

    The pursuit of true sound is a science, but it’s also about people and bringing us closer to the music we love. We have created a place where people can come to for ideas and inspiration. A society of sound.

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