• Zeppelin Wireless

    Zeppelin Wireless

    The ideal gift for the design-conscious music lover, the Zeppelin Wireless combines state-of-the-art Hi-Fi technology with seamless wireless connectivity.

    “It sounds as gorgeous as it looks.” Macworld

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  • T7 Wireless

    T7 Wireless

    The ideal gift for someone who wants music wherever they go, the T7 portable Bluetooth aptX® speaker runs for 18 hours on a single charge.

    “Impressively compact for how powerful it is. Small, well built, and really good looking.” WIRED

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  • P5 Wireless

    P5 Wireless

    These on-ear wireless headphones offer an enticing blend of great sound, stunning design and the convenience of high-quality Bluetooth streaming.

    “These are probably the best Bluetooth headphones we have ever used.” Huffington Post

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  • P5 Series 2

    P5 Series 2

    Get closer to your favourite music with P5 Series 2 wired headphone, with advanced drive unit technology and high-quality materials to ensure a luxuriously comfortable fit.

    “An overall exceptional experience.” Techware Labs

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  • P3 Series 2

    P3 Series 2

    These new leather-clad, foldable lightweight headphones are great for taking your music wherever you go.

    “Hugely enjoyable to listen to.” What Hi-Fi?

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  • P3 Series 1

    P3 Series 1

    The original highly portable and foldable P3 headphones are incredibly comfortable, capable of delivering sensational sound and available in four great colours.

    “Neutrally balanced and harmonically correct, the P3 has a midrange our reviewer described as a thing of beauty.” The Absolute Sound

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  • C5 Series 2

    C5 Series 2

    Designed for an active lifestyle, these great-sounding in-ear headphones fit so snugly you’ll hardly be aware you’re wearing them.

    “Rich, full bass… clear, open treble… unique, perfect design.” Forbes

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Wireless Speakers

Wireless Speakers

Whether you want the convenience of Bluetooth, the high-quality streaming of AirPlay or a device small enough to carry around, there’s a Wireless
Speaker for you.



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